Sugar Mountain Cotton Candy

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Deposits, Payments, Order Changes and Cancellations

If your order is less than $200, a full payment will be required to confirm the order. 

For orders over $200, a 50% deposit will be required at time of booking, and remaining balance due 2 weeks to the order date.

If cancellation occurs for orders less than $200, your payment is non refundable.

If cancellation occurs for orders more than $200, your deposit will be refundable up to 2 weeks to the date of your order. 

When booking an attendant: 

50% off the balance is due to confirm the attendant. 

One week prior to the event, the remaining balance is due. 

If cancellation occurs prior to the date remaining balance is due, deposit is refundable.

If cancellation occurs on the date of balance due, or thereafter, deposit is non-refundable. 

Pick Up Orders are available, based on the Sugar Mountain Cotton Candy schedule. 

Delivery is available throughout the Edmonton Area. 

Free Delivery is available in Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, and to the Manning Town Centre Cinema on Fort Road.

All other areas are subject to a delivery fee based on location. 

Delivery is based on availability, and other orders going out. 

Order Changes must be made a week before the order is booked. 

Sugar Mountain Cotton Candy cannot guarantee all flavours will be available. 

A two week notice or more is usually good notice to place an order. 

We can do last minute orders, of course based on flavour availability. 

Payment can be made in Cash, E-Transfer or Credit Card (credit card payment subject to 3.4% Fee)

Question: How long does Cotton Candy last?

Answer: Cotton Candy can last up to a week and half, out of the heat, freezing temperatures, and direct sunlight.

Question: Is the Cotton Candy NUT FREE?

Answer: Cotton Candy is Nut, Gluten, Egg, Soy and Dairy Free. 

Question: Do you ship?

Answer: We can ship mini bags.

Question: Is there a minimum order?

Answer: No, there are no minimum orders!

Question: How many flavours can I choose?

Answer: You can choose as many flavours as you would like! 

You can put up to 2 flavours per full size bag, and 2 flavours per mini bag. 

3 Flavour Full Size Bags are available as well, at an additional cost. 

Question: How large are the bags?

Answer: The Full Size bags are 11 inches tall, 8 inches wide. The mini bags are approximately 5 inches tall, 4 inches wide.

Question: How much sugar is in a bag of cotton candy?

Answer: Each Full Size bag has 3 teaspoons of sugar and 45 calories!

Please feel free to email or call Sugar Mountain Cotton Candy with any questions you may have!